Cali tours

Fall in love with this city, its colors, its culture, its flavors, its rhythms and its beautiful people. Choose your Cali tours.

Have you ever been to the capital of Salsa? Well, this is your opportunity. Good pretty and cheap. Visiting Cali must be already on the list of your destinations. Cali is the third largest city in Colombia and is recognized as the world capital of Salsa. Let yourself fall in love with its people and know what to do in Cali!

Cali City Tour

Walk the streets of Cali and know what makes this city so wonderful, happy and full of history. Visit museums, squares, monuments and the most representative sites of the city. Learn the basic steps of salsa so you get ready to enjoy your nightlife.

Gastronomic Tour

This is a good way to start the visit to this folkloric city and the best way to taste the true flavors of Valle del Cauca gastronomy. It is an adventure that you will never regret, you will feel a mixture of flavors that seem to dance in your mouth.

Pance River tour

Find calm and peace by surrounding yourself with nature: rivers, trees, birds and butterflies share with you this tour. Get away from the routine for a day and renew yourself.

Sugar Cane Tour

This is a great tour to understand  Valle del Cauca culture, history and gastronomy. The main income of The Valle del Cauca region comes from the sugar cane industry. More than 60% of the sugar cane is produced in this zone.

Coffee Tour Colombia

Get ready to pick coffee beans from a tree. This is your opportunity to know what is behind a cup of coffee, the whole process and the people who get involved so you can enjoy your everyday coffee.

Hicking Tour

This ecotourism tour is your chance to challenge your body while you are in contact with nature. Pico de Loro is one of the best-known mountains near Cali, it is 2,800 meters above sea level, and it’s full of nature and animal life.

¿are you doubting where to go?