Coffee Tour Colombia

Enjoy this Coffee Tour Colombia while you get to know its history, harvesting and preparation.


An authentic visit, original in an artisanal context. A visit where we are far from the commercial approach. We discovered a true artisanal plantation and where you have to put on your boots (provided) and climb the mountain with a little effort, all accompanied by a dedicated, attentive and experienced guide. The tour is in English and / or Spanish and it is worth a visit at a very affordable price, which includes breakfast and lunch.

Roger Regimbal.

If you are a coffee lover, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a Coffee Tour Colombia. Discover what is behind a cup of coffee and its morning aroma. Walk the coffee farmers steps to get the the beloved prodcut.

By doing this Coffee Tour Colombia you can learn about the different stages of coffee, from the moment you select it until it is grinded.

You will visit a coffee farm and collect coffee beans directly from the tree, you will get to know the process and approach the people who are involved and responsible for making possible for you to have a cup of coffee every day.


To have first-hand experience in the process of harvesting and grinding coffee.

Get to know Valle del Cauca coffee cultivation history.

To prepare and enjoy a coffee made with grains collected and grinded by your own hands.



If you want to book or know more details about the Coffee Tour in Colombia fill out the form, we will respond as soon as possible.

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  • From 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.


  • Minimum 3 people to operate this tour / otherwise private tours are available.

  • The group can be completed with travelers from other hotels.

  • In case the group is not completed you will be notified by our customer service department to reschedule the tour.

  • Original Passport or ID.


What is included?

  • Local bilingual guide.

  • Coffee Guide.

  • Round-trip transportation from your place of lodging.

  • lunch and snack.

  • Breathing pure air.

  • A delicious cup of coffee.

  • Tour through the coffee farm.

  • A coffee farm souvenir.

  • A guidance about how to prepare a coffee cup with different methods.

  • Insurance and medical assistance (in Cali).


coffee tour colombia