Pacific tours

The Colombian Pacific is waiting for you. Prepare to be amazed with the sea, volcanic sand and tropical jungle, all in the same region. Choose your Pacific tours.

The Colombian Pacific is one of the richest culture regions thanks to its Afro ancestry. Here you’ll find everything to enjoy: the spice of its people, the taste of the food, the passion for music, the virgin endemic nature, almost deserted clean and quiet beaches, tropical jungle, volcanic sand and places that are still to be explored . In this region you will want to stay for your whole life. Choose your Pacific tours.

Chocó Colombia Tours

Find beautiful beaches, full of contrasts, quiet, crystalline, jungle and feel the tranquility of nature. Feel exploring sites that seem not to have been stepped before. Go along this sensation with exotic foods, exquisite flavors and music full of passion, energy and history.

Buenaventura Tours

Buenaventura awaits you to show you the richness of a jungle, a woodland region with a lively and strong vegetation. Discover rivers with crystal clear waters, beaches with waves to have fun, rhythms to not stop dancing, and a cuisine that will make you fall in love.

¿are you doubting where to go?