Virtual Salsa Tour

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When will we feel safe again while travelling? We don’t know for sure.

What we do know is that there’s no need to wait for the current situation to vanish in order to get to know new cultures and ways of life. There’s no better way to familiarize yourself with new cultures than experiencing them first-hand.

Let go of uncertainty and make online friends with people who share similar interests as you. Get an idea of what experiencing salsa culture in the world’s salsa capital is all about.

Learn all about some of Colombia’s renowned rhythms and practice your dancing skills with teachers and tour guides. Your dancing skills will improve, your hearing will be finely tuned, you will get an energy boost, a good mood, and you will have fun revolving around salsa. We will bring Latin rhythms to your doorstep, and you will experience an authentic salsa party that will transport you to our Country.

Get a taste of this experience, and why not, live it in person in the not too distant future. Furthermore, you will be lending a hand to local communities that have seen their source of income greatly diminished due to the sudden halt in tourism, providing them with something greater than help itself: giving them hope.

That’s what this virtual experience is all about, making geographical barriers a thing of the past? What else could you ask for?

Contact us at info@ttraver.com to check availability of dates and times that are not published, or if you want to book for a large group.

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Contact us at info@ttraver.com to check availability of dates and times that are not published, or if you want to book for a large group.

Virtual Salsa Tour 

This online experience will be handled through Zoom, and will revolve around the rhythmic culture that characterizes Colombia.

We will bring an authentic old-school Cali salsa party to you, opening a door to our world, making sure you have a nice, joyous, and educational time.

  • You will get to know distinctive rhythms from our culture and its history, we will teach you how to listen, identify and feel them.
  • You will learn thoroughly about salsa history, and we will teach you basic dancing steps. You’ll see first-hand how salsa is danced in Cali, with our friends and family!
  • You will join us for a dancing party, playing some salsa classics. You will feel the music and get a chance to practice your newfound dancing abilities.
  • We will tour the exact location where the elite salsa dancers practice every day. Yes, JLO’s dancers.


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