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When using the platform and/or web application TTRAVER will accept automatically these terms and conditions, which also include the “privacy policies” of TTRAVER.

The present instructions for use of the platform and/or web application, regulate the terms of access and use of www.ttraver.com, property of ATTRAVERSIAMO GROUP S.A.S, from now on, TTRAVER.

The user (client), as well as TTRAVER, owner of the platform and/or web application, will be able to be designated jointly like the parts. The simple access or utilization of the page, of all or part of his contents and services means the full acceptance of our present terms and instructions for use. The put to disposal and the use of the platform and/or web application understands subjected to the strict fulfillment of the terms collected in the present’s instructions for use of the page.

Ensure to read them and understand them attentively before using the platform and/or web application. We offer him this platform and/or web application for his personal use without any cost, what does not indicate that they will not be able to generate aggregated costs by additional services and/or shopping. Of big importance to have in account that the terms “we”, “us”, “ours” and other uses of the first person of the plural, as well as “TTRAVER”, refer to Attraversiamo Group S.A.S. The term “user”, “you” refers to the client that visits the platform and/or web application and/or reservation and purchase.

It is feasible that inside the characteristics of service that offer TTRAVER have to pay by some of our services. We ask him that it read attentively the characteristics offered, if it wishes to use the services of payment.

TTRAVER in his platform stores and processes the personal data that under his permission and desire have facilitated us the users (clients) of the platform and/or web application so that it can exchange information personal among the same or to offer additional information that was of interest of both parts.

TTRAVER Procures to answer to the needs of the market and do that the platform and/or application was always the most useful and efficient possible. By such motive, reserve us the right to effect changes in the platform and/or web application or to apply charges by the services offered, in any moment and by any motive. In no case they will apply charges by the platform and/or application or his services without notifying with clarity the motive by which has to make payments.

TTRAVER Will be able to effect changes on the standard of payment and method, of agreement to the practical needs of the platform and/or web application. Some services without considering current cost can arrive to services of payment in the future.

The theft of his account or password, obliges him assume full responsibility by all the derivative consequences of the same. It is his have to inform any unauthorized use of his account or password to www.ttraver.com.

TTRAVER Does not do responsible of the form in that you use the application. If it wishes to use the application will have to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that it do not occur him at all to his device, do not do us responsible of the possible harms that can suffer and of the information that repose in his device. 

TTRAVER Will be able to modify his privacy policies terms and conditions anytime and the user is responsible to revise by his account the updates that does TTRAVER constantly. TTRAVER may Inform of the changes by any media in the platform and/or web application.

The user of the page of TTRAVER has to have the majority of age and enjoy of legal authority to go in in these privacy policies and the terms and conditions of the present document.




The present general conditions of use of the platform web and/or web application regulate the access and the utilization of this, including the contents and the placed services to disposal of the users in and/or through the platform and/or application, well by the platform, by his users or by any third. Nevertheless, the access and the utilization of some contents and/or services can find subjected to determinate specific conditions.



TTRAVER Reserves the faculty to be able to modify anytime the conditions that are of general use of the platform and/or web application. Anyway, it recommends that it consult usually the present conditions of use of the platform and/or web application, since these can be modified.





The users can access through the platform and/or web application to different type of information and services. The platform and/or web application reserves the faculty to modify, anytime, and without previous notice, the presentation, configuration of the information and services offered from the platform and/or web application. The user accepts and recognizes on purpose that anytime the page can interrupt, disable and/or cancel any information or service. TTRAVER Will make his best endeavors to try guarantee the availability and accessibility to the web. Nevertheless, in occasions, by reasons of maintenance, update, change of location, etc., will be able to suppose the temporary interruption of the access to the platform.

TTRAVER will be autonomous to delete or control the access of the users if by some reason evidence anomalies or events that can affect the mark and organization.




The platform and web application TTRAVER do not guarantee the permanent and continuous availability of the services, remaining in this way exonerated of any responsibility by possible harms and damages caused like consequence of the fault of availability of the service by motives of main force or errors in the nets of transfer of data, extraneous to his will, or by disconnections made by works of improvement or maintenance of the squads and systems informatics. In these caseous, TTRAVER will do his best endeavors for inform the interruption with an advanced of 12 or 24 hours.

The platform and/or web application will not be responsible by the interruption, suspension or ending of the information or services. Likewise, it will not do responsible of the possible omissions, losses of information, data, configurations, undue accesses or violation of the confidentiality that have origin in technical problems, of communications or human omissions, caused by third parties or no imputable to the platform and/or web application. Of equal form, neither will answer of the harms produced by computer attacks or caused by virus that affect to computer programs, systems of communications or squads used by the platform and/or web application but manufactured or facilitates by a third. TTRAVER Will be able to, to his alone discretion, refuse, remove, suspend and/or block anytime and without need of previous notice the access to the information and services to those users that break the present norms.



TTRAVER Will control the legality of those services offered and loaned through the platform and/or web application by third parts. In case that the user like consequence of the utilization of the platform and/or web application suffer some harm or damage will be able to communicate it and will take the measures that estimate timely to solve it.


With the aim to attend the legal requests established by the Law 1581 of 2012 and the Decree 1377 of 2013 with regard to the handle of databases and information that possess of third, the society ATTRAVERSIAMO GROUP S.A.S. (TTRAVER), in strict fulfillment of his legal duty and engaged with the correct treatment of the information that you have supplied us like consequence of our commercial or merely informative activities.

I authorize the treatment of my Personal Data to ATTRAVERSIAMO GROUP S.A.S “TTRAVER” That is to say, make operations on the same like recollection, storage, use, circulation, transfer or transmission; and so that it allow his treatment to those who are his representatives or with those who celebrate agreements of transfer or transmission of data, such as intermediate of sure, and attendants situated inside and out of the national territory. Equally I authorize to ATTRAVERSIAMO GROUP S.A.S “TTRAVER”, on the handle of material photographic in which it can appear for use of ATTRAVERSIAMO GROUP S.A.S “TTRAVER” As it creates convenient of agreement to his social object. I declare that I know the ends for which will be treated my Personal Data or the ones of the person that represent, like this: (i) Receive quotations of products or services of TTRAVER , in accordance with the information that hand to TTRAVER to the moment of this permission and later; (ii) Receive offer  of services of TTRAVER, realization of surveys and other commercial or advertising ends through messages of text, email, SMS, among others; IMPORTANT: I Authorize the treatment of my sensitive data, especially, the relative to the health and the biometrics and understand that the questions that do me on these data or on the ones of boys(ace) and adolescent, have character facultative. Like titling of the information, know that they assist me the planned rights in the Law, especially, know, update, rectify and request the suppression of my data. I manifest that the data that have supplied to TTRAVER are true, that the information that have handed is truthful and verifiable and authorize his verification in front of any natural or juridical person, public or private. This permission applies whenever subsist the ends for which will be treated my data and by a term of indefinite length.





  • The services bought to TTRAVER can be reimbursed in 90% inside the first 24 following hours to the date of the transaction.

  • hara A repayment of the 60% alone if it does the cancellation inside the 72 following hours of the date of the transaction, as long as the service to use do not go to redeem in less than the 96 anterior hours to the date of reservation.

If they do not fulfil the anterior conditions, will not reintegrate the money in any form.



  • It can reschedule the date or schedule of your experience until 96 hours before the beginning of the experience.

“Date of the transaction”, to the effects of this Politics of repayment, means the date of purchase of any service, that includes the date in that TTRAVER processes any application in concordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement of product or service.

It can cancel a service inside the term established, but only will issue a repayment if its request by electronic road with the service to the client of TTRAVER, inside the term of repayment specified for the corresponding product. info@ttraver.com



The user of TTRAVER will have to respect at all times the terms and conditions established in the present legal notice. Of form expresses the user manifest that will use the platform and/or web application of diligent form and assuming any responsibility that could derive by the breach of the norms.

The user web obliges, in those cases that request him data or information, to no falser his identity passing off as any another person. The user accepts that the utilization of TTRAVER will be affected with ends strictly personal, deprived and particular. The user will not be able to use the platform and/or web application for contrary activities to the Law, the morals and the public order, as well as for purposes forbidden or that violate or the mionen Right of third. Of equal form, remains forbidden the diffusion, storage and/or management of gives cough or contents that infringing Derechos of third or regulatory rules rights of copyright or industrial.

Equally, the user of the platform and/or web application will not be able to use the platform web to transmit, store, spread promote or distribute data or contents that are bearers of virus or any another computer code, archives or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or prejudice the operation of any program or computer squad or of telecommunications.

The user remains obliged to indemnify and to maintain includes to l to page by any harm, damage, sanction, fine, pity or compensation that have to face up the portal.



All Claim will have the forcing to spend by direct arrangement of friendly way among the parts; arbitrament if it does not attain agreement, before attending to demands in front of the stages judicial. All controversy or catchword that arouse of the application or his use has to be governed and interpreted of agreement to the laws and jurisdiction of Colombia, like main domicile the city of Cali.

The User is responsible by the losses of TTRAVER or of third because of such use.

The User accepts to defend, indemnify and maintain to us, our civil servants, directors, employees and agents, of and against any and all catchword, harms, obligations, losses, responsibilities, costs, debts and costs (including but not limited to the honorariums of the lawyer) that arise of: (i) the use of the platform; (ii) his rape of any term of this agreement; (iii) his rape of the rights of third, including without limitation any intellectual property right or right of privacy; and (iv) any harm of any type, already are direct, indirect, special or consistent, can arise to any third in regard to the platform TTRAVER.

This obligation of defense and compensation will survive to this Agreement.

The present terms and conditions do not have to interpret like the creation of any type of relation, association, commercial alliance, employer-employee, agency, neither any another mercantile figure.



The data of personal character that request them to the users will be colleted by TTRAVER for effect to make the suitable use of the application or to remit him proposed on our products and services. Of specific way the user authorizes us to do it part of our community of users and invite it to our events and share him on subjects related with our applicative. If you like user has read attentively the terms and conditions that include privacy policies and is interested in doing part of this applicative, do click in accept.