The hardship caused by current global events may be difficult and may make you desperate. You may feel overwhelmed by staying at home and not being able to travel, go for a walk or have physical contact with other people.

You’re probably experiencing some of the following:

  • You perform numerous activities at home but can’t get away from reality.
  • You’ve seen countless internet videos, maybe even enrolled in online courses or talks, but you still feel that nothing compares to a true physical experience due to the lack of interaction between participants.
  • You are actively looking out for activities that allow you to have fun and interact with others.
  • You’re longing to travel and experiencing new places and cultures.

In truth, there’s no need for you to wait until this is over, you may join a select group of travelers from all around the world, from your own home, and make new friends virtually.

Our online experiences will be handled through Zoom, and will revolve around the culture and nature that characterizes Colombia.